Something to learn from Sean Combs

a commentary

I'd puke if i tried, but i must release this bubbling stress.

Last night was hyper. it's my first 7-hour straight cram study and everything broke apart. But then i trod on, I was strict on my time so i had this idea to make shifts on my super-study-cram. thing. It's my old style in studying.

What style?

Well, it's a 1-hour-study-and-fifteen-minutes-break. During break time you have to do something else totally unrelated to the topic your studying. in my case, it's contemporary topics on BIOLOGY. I write on a yellow pad paper divided into four equal sections by perpendicular red lines. basically, it functions as my note sheet. I would put everything relevant to it without any hesitation or whatever, just scribble continuously until my alarm went on.

Every time the alarm goes berserk, i would stop, take a piss or read DETAILS: MEN'S STYLE MANUAL. It's a great stress reliever, full of colors and provides a lot of tips on MEN'S Fashion. yeah, I'm kinda looking forward for a wardrobe change so i bought this for a couple of bucks and treated it as my secondary 'bible'(forgive my word if there are extremists here!). So i browse and browse for fifteen minutes, learning the essentials of pants, T-Shirts, and Tuxedo, and everything in between.

I particularly like Sean Combs' way of dealing with fashion. He said, and I quote with immense joy:
"Women are going to tell you they love a man who's huggable --- that they like something they can hold on to --- but at the end of the day, nothing compares to a toned body. There's nothing wrong with letting it all hang out, but when you care, it shows."
Okay, don't start judging me! I want to quote this because it comes from a very professional, well accomplished person. I respect Sean Combs for being great singer and also a fashion designer. This is something most of (fat) guys must know. It reminds me of Pink's song that i wanted to imitate just to make myself agree with Sean Combs.

Am i bulimic? a self referential question indeed. (Don't start okay! Give me time to talk it out!) With this rather significant question, i swear no body's gonna listen. Yeah! Well, this is something that i used to say when i was trying to make me like a total Mark Walberg or the replica of Vin Diesel. I tried everything to look like them, but instead i turned into turd. Poor me!

I did tried to dive for the gym but genes(forget BIO adrian!) would not agree with me. And now i am trying to make it as a social construct so i am trying to befriend 'non-fat' people, except for the bubble guy downstairs. I have everything in place, only coffee in the morning, branch but a little light, and regular dinner. If you are a nutritionist, please do give me advice on my eating habits. And I swear I really need the assistant of the following:

1) A GYM BUDDY preferably a before-and-after type that of home shopping networks'
2) A Personal Trainer - to pump up my confidence of achieving the ultimate Lacanian figure of the phallic male (psychoanalysis stuff, don't fuss)
3) A Personal, i repeat, personal nutritionist - the one who cooks and prepare my healthy food everyday
4) A Personal Psychiatrist - to counsel me on self-esteem and handling stress (o.O)
5) A Personal Secretary - to arrange my everyday schedule even though I'm in collage.

Anything you would like to suggest anything in reference to my quest towards perfecting 'the self'?


On the other side of the UNIVERSE, let's talk about films.

the 140-character-critiques of films that i have watched lately:

1.) Bedtime Stories (Adam Shankman, 2008) - Totally hilarious but subliminally homo-infused and dumb.

2.) Lust, Caution (Ang Lee, 2007) - Perfectly pitched erotically charged epic, a reexamination of Lee.

3.) Spirited Away (Hayao Miyzaki, 2001) - Brilliant! Nothing beats a Miyazaki portrayal of friendship.

4.) Ran (Akira Kurosawa, 1985) - A masterpiece! The best of Kurosawa!

That's all for now!