To Live Away, To Love

a poem
by Adrian Mendizabal

I can barely hear you breathing.
You sound lost as if a heart
So I came, but left.

How much does love cost:
If i can only hear you breathing,
Or sighing, or speaking;
If I am only here to live away.

You came because my sadness is
so swept by the northern seas.
You came to bereft me,
my senses, my body, my soul.

I can feel my flesh shudder.
Is it pain from past love,
or your absence?

I am dead like a twig
twisted into you,
like veins in my heart.

Whenever I hear your voice
I cry inside and
robed myself in desolation.

Is it that i longed for you?
Or that this wrath in my
soul is forever a vindication
of my sinful acts of passion?

What has become of me?
Have my mind depleted?
Have i forgotten what i
used to be, have i loved you?

What else this matter-of-fact
has become?

Your hands are raw when
I hold them, sometimes cold
sometimes green, sometimes
incandescently true.

What else then is love?

~dedicated to Xd