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As you might know, this blog is so ancient it survived a year in existence. YES! It's anniversary month for AUDITOIRE! So i was thinking of a name to call "February" ultimately related to cinema. Anniversary is something like a new beginning or whatever. In connection to cinema art, it started with the Lumiere brothers.

They made their first films, probably first films in cinema premiered publicly last December 28, 1895. view below:

Lumiere brothers, namely Auguste and Louis, are famous for 'inventing' cinema. however, this distinction is not only exclusive to the two geniuses but also to other earliest filmmakers: Eadweard Muybridge, Etienne-Jules Marey and Ottomar Ansch├╝tz.


The beginning of cinema: a new beginning for AUDITOIRE. I was planning to conduct a small contest but it would be too hasty and i have no contacts from other bloggers except for some. Anyway, i have no other cause but to continue blogging. I have other plans.

Anniversary is on February 23. I'll celebrate it with my dorm mates and myself. I'll buy a cake and maybe throw a party at my room with nude girls dancing, confetti, and a disco ball and do the TRAVOLTA dance, as in SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER(1971),

I would love to do that! it's quintessential for cinema!

Enough of dreaming!

It occurred to me: How am i gonna celebrate my February 23? Any thoughts?