LUMIERE 2 - Sometimes my Life Gets Hard

updates and reflection

Just this afternoon, a complex scenario engulfed me. Thank God I survived. With everything running to and fro, papers to pass and group homework to finish, i figure i need a breather. So I slept at six o'clock in the evening and woke up at around eight to eat dinner at Rodics.

I want to escape.

Watching my world spin while walking along Beta Way, i asked for answers. I asked a question so consuming i stopped and thought about it. In my own words, i whispered: "Why am I here doing these things? Why am I here?" Of all questions, this was the only sane and real thing that popped out of my head. It was as though a calling for a grander life.

I always find myself philosophizing inevitable truths and sometimes i deny the existence of such truths such as love or chastity. It heartbreaking to speak, upon walking alone on the path with the gentle wind brushing on my face, a question I find most relevant of my own life. It is as if I question my existence here and now.

But i slept it off.