Satantango [1994]

a short commentary

Bela Tarr, a Hungarian director, a large figure in contemplative cinema, is Unspoken Cinema's feature for it's new issue this coming summer. I won't be able to give a contribution because i have never seen any of Bela Tarr's masterpieces. Satantango is his best feature and critically acclaimed for it's epic scale and realistic tone. It unbelievably runs for about seven and a half hours, a colossal feat that i have not experienced.

Asian distribution of the film is low. in fact, IMDB reports that it has only been shown in 7 countries:

8 February 1994

8 February 1994
(Hungarian Film Festival)

18 February 1994
(Berlin International Film Festival)

9 October 1994
(New York Film Festival)

22 December1994

8 September 1995
(Toronto Film Festival)

9 November 2002
(Thessaloniki International Film Festival)

9 March 2003

I am anticipating for a DVD release by November this year.

Anyway, I just want to celebrate with all contemplative cinema enthusiast out there:

HAPPY 15th Anniversary for Satantango!

Here is the opening of the film. Quite a masterpiece!