Weekend: Kiarostami, Wushu and Science Clubbing

a hodgepodge post

[photo credits to wsws.org]

Friday night is a post celebration for my extravagantly dumb anniversary. It is a mix of Cubao Expo, BK and a Blizzard at DairyQueen Food Court, Gateway, Araneta, Cubao. I was carrying a 7 kilogram load stuck on my bag. Imagine carrying two film books, a 2.2-kg laptop, a century-old notebook for sporadic thoughts, and a smaller notebook (almost a notepad) for alien thoughts. With a friend of mine, we hooked around Araneta: visiting every Art Galery in Cubao ex, meeting old places like Pablo's Gallery where the gallant Mr. Baka resides.

Anyway, I arrived home at around 9 PM exhausted and still wrote this hodgepodge for the benefit of my friends and enemies (do i have one?)

for the weekend

For weekend, I want to explore Kiarostami and Angelopoulus:

1) Taste of Cherry (Kiarostami, 1997) - Friday night
2) The Wind will Carry Us (Kiarostami, 1999)
3) Eternity and a Day (Angelopoulus, 1998)

Secondly, for a new screening, Oumane Sembene is in on my line up, a dance for that:

4) Moolaade (Sembene, 2004)

And some couple of pertinent films over the history of film,

5.) Knife in the Water (Polanski, 1962) - full-run [see screenshots]
6.) Michael (Dreyer, 1924)


On Monday, my 'speech' friends will conduct an interview on a 15 year old WUSHU gold medalist, Chelsea Bernasconi. She's really a great athlete. I hope we can make it worthwhile.


Meeting at National Office for serious org work tomorrow Saturday. Gosh! Am i prepared for this?
Note to self: No pressure! No pressure! It is only a nationwide activity involving smart kids grilled over a battle-of-the-brains olympiad, it is really easy you know. Shrug it off, Adrian! The pressure is really overrated.

--- finally to end the post here!