The Breaking of the Waves

[photo credits to Village Oblivia]

The Breaking of the Waves

a poem by Adrian Mendizabal

Soar towards shifting shores
to the death beyond conscience.

Is it there? Is it washed away?
Did it flew away?
The barren larks, the seemingly unessential larks
What is it, hidden?
The hard harsh marshes
The plain of indeterminate ebony
The phantom of the whim?

My soul lengthens.
I breathe; life.

How dark this passage,
To let go,
To fall, and
To fly away,
To succumb the shifting oceans,
The appalling transient dark seas.

How intolerable, how frail
to dream,
to escape from the miseries
I hid in my conscience.

Death is near. Death is far.
Death is seemingly near and far.


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