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Sergei Eisenstein mimicking Albert Einstein. [failed! *laughs*]

I would love to have a coffee with this guy. Well, basically, we'll discuss about the notions of film form, how it functions, its purpose, the nuances of such art and how it historically evolved and contributed to both artistic, political and social paradigms of the world at large. I wonder how the talk would turn out, and he permits me to blog about it.

I came to an understanding a few days ago about the notion of culture and art, and how the dynamics of such interconnection creates a so-called 'progress' which economist ridiculed by calling it development. With my report in my college writing class on femininity as a social construct, I realized:

1) The social construct of femininity is perhaps more prone to socio-historical change than any other gender-based concepts. This is perhaps because postmodern society, flagged by the decline of the traditional working class in the late 1890s (incidentally signaled by the woman's suffrage) and the growth of white collar jobs, allows to nurture the tendency of femininity to be ritualistic. Feminism is both a postmodern concept and a product of post modernization in society.

2) Film, like femininity, is also more prone to socio-historical changes. This can be withdrawn from the quoted sentence i had in my notebook: "The first cultural fact about film is that it is film."

3) MOST Filipino mainstream films today do not substantiate our culture. It highly glamorizes the star-system that has been eating the film industry for decades. Philippine mainstream cinema is culturally DEAD!

I. New find
(Adrian Martin considered it as one of the best films of the 21st century)

Un Lac by Philippie Grandieux
[listen how the character whispers,
absolute stillness, I can't wait to watch it]


II. UPDATES from the FILM Blogosphere:

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TITLE: I'm still Predictable
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4.) Arbogast has a new post. [link here]

TITLE: Stay Scared
What about it? Arbogast fried the horror film 1408 (2007) starring John Cussack. [haha! too bad, 1408 didn't work for arbogast]

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TITLE: Foreign Film Resolution, Cont. (Weeks 4-7)
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6.) Richard has a new critique. [link here]

TITLE: Brutus, Ang Paglalakbay (Tara Illenberger, 2008)
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7.) Jonathan Rosenbaum has a new article [link here]

TITLE: Jena Renoir's Trilogy of Spectacle
What about it? Discusses the importance of Jean Renoir's Trilogy: The Golden Coach (1953), French Cancan (1955), and Eléna et les hommes (1956)


III. Another Find
[entralled by Zach's post on James Gray, I found this]

Little Odessa writed/directed by James Gray
[Silence is deafening. I also recalled how Takahata
exploited the silence scene on Grave of the Fireflies (1988)]