Sound of Music [1965] - EDELWEISS

recollection of my youth


My grandmother, during Christmas Eves back home when I was just a toddler, would rerun a classic, Sound of Music, after we arrived from the evening mass. We would feast together, family and friends, while Julie Andrews and the rest of the von Trapp family sang and danced.

After listening to the song Edelweiss I could not explain the feeling. Its like all of Christmas Eves came back to life. This was my favorite song from my favorite musical when i was a kid.

I just hate Pauline Kael when she said:
"the sugar-coated lie people seem to want to eat,"
"we have been turned into emotional and aesthetic imbeciles when we hear ourselves humming the sickly, goody-goody songs"
Anyway, her review on Sound of Music allegedly dismissed her from McCall's Magazine. Too bad!

I'm resting now from my academic work.

I'm sick. I hope i get well soon. Soon.