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Criterion Collection has a reputation:
"Since 1984, the Criterion Collection, a continuing series of important classic and contemporary films, has been dedicated to gathering the greatest films from around the world and publishing them in editions that offer the highest technical quality and award-winning, original supplements."
Criterion Collection has been my DVD companion for some time now. I admire the roster of films they immortalize. But just today i have been hinted by a fellow blogger of the existence of a 'make-your-own-CC-cover-using-the-magic-power-of-Photoshop' thread on The Auteurs (here), an extension website for CC fans to discuss CC films. And i found these gorgeous fresh ideas (all were taken at random without noting who made it - I'll get back on this one to give the authorial links):

Nice, weird idea

Not happening. haha!

LOL. So bad!

The best. I laughed so hard on this.

This really made my day. Keep it burning.

I'm enjoying the weather in Metro Manila. It's sunny in morning and it rains in the afternoon. The afternoons are a perfect time for writing extensive essays over a cup of searing hot coffee .


Aeolos is a such a hard ball for me. I can't seem to understand the purpose of Joyce. I'm rereading it right now and i am not giving up. ;-(

Actually i borrowed Richard Ellmann's James Joyce (1959). Anthony Burgess considers it as one of the best literary biography of the century. It is also widely accepted by critics as a masterpiece of literary biography. It won a National Book Award in 1960.