What's bugging me [part 2]

A note on my freaky disappearance

I am turning medieval.

I've hit film books and lit books of all sizes.

I am mixed up with everything going on: noises from the other room (it's empty), scratches on my face, and a lot of 'happiness' all around.

My tendencies:

1) Adrian went Neoformalist:

I read some of the articles from David Bordwell and I am so absorbed by his essay on Historical Poetics of Cinema (download here) i wished i was never born.

2) Adrian went to read Bordwell's FILM ART for the second time:

My first approach to Bordwell's Film Art was a bit off. I guess that time i wanted a more simplified explanation on aesthetics of film. But on my second look (because i am turning neoformalist) Bordwell's book has pretty simple explanations.

3) Adrian went to read ULYSSES with a guide

I am on Episode 6 (HADES) and i stopped in the middle of Blooms thoughts about the woman peering through the window of their carriage, and Mr. Simon Dedalus was there, and Martin Cunningham was there, and Mr. Jack Power. I went to the CAL Library to grab a book for a guide on reading ULYSSES and i found Harry Blamire's The New Bloomsday Book: A Guide Through Ulysses (Revised Edition Keyed to the Corrected Text) (1988). It was worth reading every bit because, for i also believe that Ulysses is a big book of theological allusions, Blamires focused on exploring such themes.

So yes, i will not be updating my blog regularly to focus on my extensive studies on FILM and acquiring the Neoformalist attitude of a critic.

What to expect:

1) Essay on Neoformalism
2) My first ever (academic) critique on a film
3) Essay about ULYSSES

Okay! Bye for now!