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ULYSSES and the Sirens

Just to let you know that I'm alive and breathing. Yes. I am busy, very busy reading "the greatest novel of the century", ULYSSES, by James Joyce. I have set aside film studies to key in to one of the greatest works in modern literature, to appreciate it eternally and to understand how one can create such a life-force. One can learn a lot from Joyce as a writer and as a reader. When one reads ULYSSES, one has welcome a great challenge. He welcomes Joyce's manifestation as a writer, as the artist of the soul, and should consider Ulysses not a book but a work of art. Ulysses is, i have to admit this, practically an easy read.

Though famous for keeping critics and literary scholars busy for the next three hundred years because of its style and literary puns and allusions, this is not central to ULYSSES. What is central to ULYSSES is life. Life as it is in Dublin, or anywhere else, and through this stream of life in which the main characters (Bloom, Molly, and Stephen) dwell, creates an almost universal moment (the whole of the 673 pages is shot in a single day, June 16, 1904) so powerful it reaches into us, as readers, and changes our own dispositions, sense of being, and perhaps our own lives.

It immortalizes the ordinary modern man.

I'm on Episode (Chapter) 11, Sirens.



Will resume film studies after reading ULYSSES.

I'm preparing also for a camping activity this coming Saturday at Mt. Makiling, wish me luck. May God provide us the best way through the challenges that awaits us there.

Go Team Harot!