i got this from TimesOnline
[video source -YouTube user WETR0X]

With my increasing fascination to Disney Animated Films, through Sergei Eisenstein's work on the protoplasticism, i cannot imagine that this video would come up. One can approach this issue in two ways: one, authenticity and two, integrity.


This exhibits a technique in film animation called rotoscoping. It is a tracing technique in which an original live-action footage is traced frame by frame using a rotoscope. This is to create a more realistic depiction of body movement. This also leads to a more stylize approach to animation during the 1930s of Disney when it was employed to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937). Economically, this can cut a lot from Disney's budget. The technique as observed in this clip is highly extended from Snow White to other films. This can lead to a misinterpretation that rotoscoping is a form of dishonesty having used same scenes for a couple of times over different films. This should not be the case since rotoscoping is used by industry for a time now.


On the contrary, this shows that Disney, having used a singular movement over different films, lacks integrity. I presumed, not until now, that cartoon movements on Disney Classics such as The Jungle Book (1967) and Snow White, were original and unique. This unsavory news have led me to vacate Disney films with a vague heart and move to the plethora of Studio Gibli to focus all my energy there. I cannot imagine that a large academic respect has been given to Disney studio for making legacies on animation for decades notably Eisenstein's essays on Disney.