A delayed but happy post dedicated to an old friend...
[all photos are stolen from jerrick's friendster account]

After 10 days of silence, I'm back with a vengeance. Before I kill Angels and Demons (Howard, 2009) with full force tomorrow (for i have seen it at a mall at Naga City yesterday) i would like to share some of my adventures during my 10 days leave. I went home from Manila last Wednesday, May 13, via an ass-torturing twelve-and-a-half hour bus ride to Sorsogon, my home town, the tip of Luzon island. Starting that day i intentionally cut myself off online to be with my family. I went with them on numerous places around the Bicol region and found myself on memory lane.

I went to the City of Love, Tabaco City (Paris, step aside) and recently, i just got back from an exhilarating trip from Naga City to write a post dedicated to a human being who celebrates his birthday today.


Jek with his cousin.

Like many of my friends and myself, Jerrick is a crazy one. I have known him a few years ago because he's my neighbor up at Kalayaan Dormitory where we spent our freshmen years in college. Surely, the blend of music and coffee three in the morning urged me to visit his room and make friends. This is not queer as you might think (recalling Ennis Del Mar's note to Jack Twist "I ain't queer.") but a brotherly love (okay, that's a bit off).

Art creates enumerable connections between people. Jerrick being a soul-artist of music and me being a gangrened-infested artist of words found each other much alike: alone, isolated, crazy and maladjusted with a sheer fixation on classical rock and R&B. We spent most of the time tied to each others chair like twins.

We are two artist from a strange land serenading sirens and hopping from place to place to find a home at the end of world.

Jerrick stands over the rock at the end of the world.


This post will be followed by my Cannes post.