have a glass of vodka...

A decent Internet shop is 20 kilometers away from my home, who could live with that? In the middle of 62nd CANNES Film Festival i was drinking coffee and having a French kiss with my dog (a video will be added shortly after i upload it). When Mendoza won Prix de la Mise en Scene, i almost killed myself in front of my mother and father with a threat that if they do not avail a Globe Broadband (not that i hear good reviews from their service but i am desperate).

But the good thing is that:

(1) I am really moving to NEOFORMALIST, though i am still in darkness. After reading Bordwell's 'Historical Poetics of Cinema' (here) i knew i have found it, the part of film studies where i truly belong. One may notice that i haven't yet posted a formal and decent film critique in this blog. This is because i am still preparing for it. If there is a man in the house who doesn't subscribe to doctrine-centered approach to criticism, then i am that man. Frankly, Neoformalist is the only legitimate approach to film studies research. I cannot think of anyother way to approach one. I must transform into a POETICIAN within a week or i won't be able to escape this horrible dogmatic eccentricity surrounding recent film critics.

(2) I have settled in in my dormitory. I officially checked-in a while ago, around 5 o'clock, afternoon, of yesterday. No problemo except that a bunch of pertinent things are still at my uncle's place i better get sometime this week.

(3) I will get a FILM ELECTIVE this semester to boost up some aspects of my research. It could help a lot in my self-studies of cinema. I have great reviews from some of my friends regarding the introductory course to film offered to non-majors in the university. But i am a bit disappointed that i focuses only on NATIONAL CINEMAS and not on FILM HISTORY, specifically HISTORY OF CINEMATIC STYLES (which prompt me to think that i have to borrow Bordwell's [again!] book on this). How i wish to learn more on the Soviet Montage style and Ozu's great innovations, or Dreyer's framing. How i wish i could read more. But hey, i am a Chemical Engineering student by nature, so this is an issue of time management, an issue of peeking into Bazin's significant essays on cinema in between thermodynamic quantification and systems design analysis.

(4) My room is just two steps away from the wi-fi hotspot of the dormitory. I can pop up anytime between 5 PM to 7AM.

Okay! bye for now...