What I am on on Film Studies?

just a rough snap shot...

[photos: my screen shots from Caligula (1979)]

"Oh my! Are you gonna kill me?"

I had a little change of taste lately. Because of my exceeding fascination on film criticism than on other aspects of my life like having a diet or engaging to activities like relationships and toning-up my body (honestly speaking haha!), i am actually learning really fast.

Some decent frames from Caligula

I actually did learn as much as i can take into for the past few weeks and my readings are mainly centered on David Bordwell's writings. I actually love his writings because: (1) it is the only thing accessible in the internet, though not all his works but an ample number; (2) he writes in this interesting intellectual way (duh! of course, Adrian! he's a film theorist) which i really admire ; (3) i am avid follower of the scholarly movement in criticism called Neoformalism.

I have been researching for this movement because of its unique approach to film. That, i will have to discuss in another post.

I have been focusing my research on my criticism for Pulp Fiction (Tarantino, 1994) and i am listening to the podcasts of PhD giants Shannon Clute and Richard Edwards on their discussions on the genre film noir. (here) I recently plugged about 30 podcasts in my iPod to listen to them talk when i am walking or just about to sleep.

I hope i never saw this film

Films i saw:

1) Caligula ("whatever director", 1979) - worst film i have ever seen
2) Ashes of Time Redux (Kar-wai, 2008)
3) Knife in the Water (Polanski, 1962)



I'm at Episode 15: Circe and i am on the 3450th line of it and i think it goes on forever. Urgh! i don't want to start again from the beginning. i heavily depended on Harry Blamires' guide on Ulysses which is ass in a way because i don't read Joyce's fifteenth episode closely.

Anyway, good day!