Andrei Tarkovsky at The Walter Reade Theater: July 7 - 14, '09

i wanna go there... now na!

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Films of Andrei Tarkovsky, an Exploding Poetry:
watch it right here, right now!

I wish, and only wish, I live in Upper West Side, Manhattan preferably at 165 West 65th Street, upper level between Broadway and Amsterdam Ave. I wanted to go there so badly but i am stuck here in this pseudo-neurotic cityscape of Manila, consumed by 'the mechanics of materials' and plagued by the sound of the night sighing how life directly translates to 'here and now.' Because i never had a chance to download a 1.70 GB Andrei Rublev (1966) and Mirror (1975), i just sulked on a corner and dried my tears. Yet, I am filled with thoughts about how one cinephile should grow from all this nurturing experiences, that if one is serious about film, one must watch any Andrei Tarkovsky's because he is
'one of the greatest, the one who invented a new language, true to the nature of film, as it captures life as a reflection, life as a dream' --- Ingmar Bergman.

I am filled with hope and enthusiasm of gaining my wings, stretching it from the skin of my back the flowing ivory white feather, so that i would fly and come to Manhattan to join The Film Society of Lincoln Center's revisiting of Tarkovsky.

On the contrary, i am very much surprised on the cost of the tickets. From their website:
"Walter Reade Theater General Admission:
$11 public ......... [P530.09] (exchange rate)
$8 senior (62+) ........ [P385.52]

$7 Film Society member & student (w/ID), child (6-­12, accompanied by adult) ........ [P337.53]

Online service charge: $1.25 per ticket. Cash only transactions at the box office and concession stand. ....... [+P60.24]

Series Pass:
$40 public ......... [P 1927.60]

$30 Film Society member ........ [P 1445.70]

Admits one person to five titles in a series. Purchase in person at the box office (cash only); may not be combined with any other ticket offer. Individual screening tickets and series passes subject to availability." (link here)

I thought i died there. I cannot think of a cinema that costs that much in my life. I watch movies on local theaters at an average rate of P110.00 [$2.28] per ticket and this is a week after the opening of a blockbuster movie. Perhaps maybe because this one is a special screening and also because it offers a high selectivity on the audience catering to those who have realized cinema's big elephant in the room or maybe to those who have realized solitude and contemplation as their form of happiness. Either way, movie viewing costs an ample amount of fortune. If one would choose, let us say a sensible young man of ripe age and maturity with a high level of tolerance and patience, filled with curiosity and wondering, between a box-office summer movie (i.e. Harry Potter 5th sequel) and Film Society's screening of Andrei Tarkovsky's masterworks, it is in a manner of personal taste that permits him to choose the better experience from the two. But to say that Andrei Tarkovsky's works are preferable than Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009) is incredibly dull and pretentious. They are totally different from one another and they do not resemble one another except that, of course, they use cinematic tools to deploy narrative and produce effects, and the certainty of a cut or a duration of a shot is highly dependable on the genre, conventions, and historical manifestation of the films. To produce evaluation on both filmic experience, judging one to be subordinate from another, is a matter of economy for the mass viewers something that i cannot stomach.

Ignorance in cinema is symptomatic of one's faithlessness to the medium.