AWAKE and It's Thursday Morning!


[pic, from Gomorrah (2008), here]

Good Morning! Ready to shake your booty?

I smell the fresh air from the veranda, the birds singing Greek. Oh what a beautiful Thursday morning indeed, and i have been awake for almost twelve hours now. This day, of all days, is D-Day for all my acads (academics) this week. i have an exam later on Fluid Dynamics at around 6PM to 9PM and also a report soon, at 8:30 AM on Fundamentals of Sexual Science. My head floats in absolute trance, no wonder where Sexology will fall later. I hope i can manage to tackle everything, though not everything if you get what i mean.

I have to reboot a little like a 30 minute nap or so. I still have papers for printing and photocopying, and a bunch of constants and equations to memorize. I am in absolute shit right now. but hey, let's enjoy every agony in our lives. We might not know, Arbogast will truly rule the earth!

You certainly do not know that I am giving a flash review on a Bill Condon film, KINSEY (2004) later in class. Just a little stylistics over there and a bits and pieces of queer cinema and a careful note on thematics.