Empire (Andy Warhol, 1964, 8 hr & 5 min)

I just wanna say goodnight to my blog before turning my laptop off. I am pretty busy with ChE and i wish to watch more, a lot more films for the benefit of mankind but i think i am stuck with this repetitive megalomaniac obsession of being on top of everything: on top of the Empire State building while Warhol films his uneventful real-time whatever film, or maybe on top of a blueberry cheesecake fondly eating the icing smearing on my skin, or just a mere idea of being on top of my BED to dream of 'that' night again and again. And tomorrow i must write more and more about films, and to what festival one Filipino cinephile should go this week, or to what color pallet did Alexandro Jorodowsky used in The Holy Mountain (1973), or perhaps the extinction of the Soviet Montage, or the volatile shots of Ça brûle(Claire Simon, 2006). But then i have to zero-in some points about the new Cinema-Scope issue and its infestation to the web, notably the greatly comedic yet purposeful argument-convolutions of Mark Peranson's Cannes 2009: Stupid, Adjective,and also i must acknowledge the presence of an emerging cinema webwriter, Rex Baylon, on his focused and well-shape articles on Classical Hollywood Cinema compiled at FILM EXPRESSION. Or because I love Catherine Grant, i must put in some 'favorited' links from her new link-post at FILM STUDIES FOR FREE. One mus truly appreciate her TEN MONDAY MUST VISITS. I must also note that if one exempts thermodynamics from Chemical Engineering, one must note that Chemical Engineering, is, in itself, an application of the serious and tedious thermodynamic laws and properties (ChE 122). But gladly, I must say that one must watch Blow Job (Warhol, 1964) right here, right now.

Blow Job by Andy Warhol, 35 min.