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Fuck yeah!

I had another obsessional-digging at Village-Oblivia fishin' for ideas for the brochure for the much awaited National Science Club Month 2009 of PSYSC. I love, love, love John Dahner's blogspot blog primarily because it houses a large array of modern graphic design inspirations featuring magazine layouts, brochures, pamphlets, posters, displays, and also calling card art-madness. John Dahner also has a photoblog accessible to everyone here so click away. Anyway, i still have to make a lot of adjustments in the counters and border icons for the brochure. Ciao for now! More on 1895 -1923 films and some critical posts on Received Wisdom: Three Reception Studies by Tomas Kemper maybe after Thursday. May God help me through this unabashed waters!


Night night everyone! Krook... Kroook.... No more shitty Chemistry dreams please lang!

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