a 'other than that' post

I watched Synecdoche, New York (2008) for my birthday with the hope of stirring raw emotions and medusa-like fantasy.

And it did.

Kaufman's frames are vested with solidity and dynamism. Non-diegetic inserts were mostly of questionable origin but yielded multi-layered meanings. His sense of space is flexural, it can be distorted without affecting the narrative layer. His frames, though mostly not staged in depth, is characteristic of a blossoming auteur aesthetic mindset influenced by certain directorial giants (i beg you know them) who have worked with Kaufman. His images are associative (i.e. burning house, micro-paintings of Adelle, the whole theater set of New York).

He reminds me of Kafka!

Thank you so much to everyone who greeted me yesterday! Thanks Thanks Thanks!


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