On Not Watching...

...Francesco Rosi's Christ Stopped at Eboli (1979)

First notable frame from Christ Stopped at Eboli.

I just had a gathering day. It is one of the rare days where i meet people and people remind me of how trivial and boring my life was. Sometimes they offer you advice and sometimes they just dump you on a sidewalk. What happened to me yesterday was the usual --- friends, a violent reaction, then dump. Right then and there. But i realized, most of these people are the ones who I have been with for years and perhaps, maybe they were right. But how sure am I?

It is not their issue but my issue, and perhaps, I have to reevaluate what i used to call 'myself'. How am i supposed to say this correctly? I just sat in front of my laptop and sulk at the screen. I was supposed to continue two AVPs and a poster design but my mood is way down. I desperately needed to watch a four-hour with a heavy subject to remind myself that i am not alone. What can be more appropriate than Francesco Rosi's Christ Stopped at Eboli (1979) a rich epic tale but really depressing.

On a second thought, why should i be sulking? Have I lost all my spirit? So what i did was I put up a cup of coffee, put in Sex and the City and enjoyed about three to four episodes. I had a new spirit right then and there.

LESSON: When you need to lighten up yourself, you do not need a three to four-hour film. A sex comedy can brighten you up.