...hay buhay...


Something Nietzschean, absurd. Bertrund Russel go lang!

Heidegger... Ahmm... is it too much to say that?

Ako ay buhay pa naman. This is not an update about films but about my life: sleep at nine, wake up at four in the morning to finish a design, sleep again until eight and go to class at eight thirty, then a quick lunch at twelve, then a grueling afternoon of problem sets, books to read, and lengthy equations to nail oneself unto. I just want to say sorry to certain people for forgetting important dates and for being unmindful of important tasks because if one is faced with a truncheon of tasks, one has to prioritize the best-shaped and well-edged spear - one that can penetrate oneself fully. It is a fact that a human being, no matter how will-situated one is, can strike life only once and one at a time It is best to keep everything under control, smoothen ones moment, and let go of pensive things that creates a great divide on who we are and what we could possibly be.

In the light of August, the month that I will never forget, I do face certain deadlines narrowed to about 48 hours on interval. In my best ability, i will completely cease the inevitable doom of that September 4, 2009 departure for Legazpi City, and also, will completely cease my inability to understand myself in times of stress. I will learn new things, newer things that comes along the way. The next two weeks will be highly critical to my physical, emotional and academic evolution. I have two exams next week and another two perhaps on the following week after next week, and urgh! that September 4!

May God guide us through this hard times. Hard times, my friends, hard times!

I leave you with Cough and Sneezes (1945).

Hay buha...Chooo...! Ehem!