Torquay, Devon (1924) something else...

Hallo! I got this from BFI (British Film Institute) youtube Channel and I was so amazed by the quality of this 1924 extract. From the BFI's description: "This extract comes from Claude Friese-Greene's 'The Open Road' - originally filmed in 1925/6 and now re-edited and digitally restored by the BFI National Archive."

Look, we don't have technicolor back in the 1920s. The camera back then was so medieval, yet, as one film theorist would argue, the camera used back then is one of the best of its kind. BFI have made big contribution by adding color to this 1920 clips using advance technology, maybe on coloration techniques [a bit of physics, i guess], so that we can enjoy this age old clips.

Kudos to BFI!