Bande A Part (1964): A Godard Syndrome a Godard-for-all...

Nouvelle Vague, is it?

I miss film. I have two more days to end my semester. After finishing two main requirements for my Chemical Engineering Elective, ChE 198, I had another one of those 'Godard' moments. I could not recall the exact feeling, but I could characterize it as a robust cinephiliac desire of wanting more film experiences.

It is evident that most of my recent film viewings are a recollection of my old desire from mainstream classics when, from a quick observation of a close friend, he said: "Wala ka na bang bagong classics?" (Do you have any new classics?) By 'classics', I mean from Classical Hollywood Cinema.

With Godard syndrome running in my head, I recorded about three instances of re-watching Bande a Part (1964) for past the few weeks, a high incidence of cinephilia. Equally relevant is Frank Capra's A Wondeful Life (1946) which merited two viewings this month. Also, a rare occurence is my attempt to rewatch David Lynch's Inland Empire (2004) three times but at the strike of the first two hours, i retaliated by watching The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) for three times also! Lynch is, what can I say, prodigious is his surreal mantra? A question of form, indeed!

Kurosawa's Seven Samurai (1954) consumed 12 hours of my life last month, and for the love of God and his children, I have to keep it inside my closet to give way for other works for if not, i would spend the next month rewatching it until my eyes turned black.

Gladly, after the first half of my hell week, I am still alive. Two more days, and I am off to Wonderland.

Ciao guys!