... or I love Facets!

Apart from Criterion Collection, another best source of essential films in DVD format is, of course, Facets Multimedia. If you are looking for rare independent films, save your souls because Facets have a mesmerizing line-up of films from the other world of cinema. If you are looking for films from Pluto, well, Facets can satisfy your cinephiliac desire.

What I found is a string of Filipino films including rare classics by Geraldo de Leon. I am so satisfied to find de Leon's The Blood Drinkers (Kulay Dugo ang Gabi, 1966), a vampire flick with heavy visual quotations from Nosferatu (Murnau, 1922), from their list.

Driven to satisfy the lust of... The Blood Drinkers.


...Have you heard of our dear old Roman Polanski being arrested at Germany? How is he doing?

...I am planing on a grand study on Edward Yang. I will be completing his oeuvre by next year if possible. Do you know any sources of his works?

...I am about to begin my YEAR 2009 countdown of the best films i have watched this year. I will be picking up the Yummy 20 by December together with 10 notable films. I will discuss each in a formal essay form, well again, for fun.

Ciao then!