Book Shopping along Laurel Avenue a Saturday afternoon...

Initially, we have Truffaut to speak about Jules et Jim (1966)

On the other hand, I am having preoccupations of my itinerary this afternoon. As soon as I finished watching the controversial Un Chant d'Amour (1950) in the order of understanding Jean Genet as a homophile, and the vehement contraption he developed on that, i wanted to have coffee at Starbucks and write on my dear old 200-page diary about the influence of Genet to Warhol and Warhol to LaBruce. The complication of such itinerary is melancholia. I have been locked on a strange mood yesterday, maybe because of my incapacity to create my long due stylistic analysis on Tokyo Story (1953). I cannot make my first sentence, and my outline sucks. Also, I am greatly frustrated by my resistance to reread Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov because of my lack of spirit, the lusterless boredom of nothingness.

So i went out in search for the time lost. I walked and had an idea, by 220pm, i wanted to shop for books, lots of them. I ended up at Laurel Avenue at the campus where two bookshops can be located: one, on top of Zago/Mister Doughnut Stall, where i also purchase most of my DVDs, and the other one, at the corner of Laurel Avenue and A. Roces Avenue in front of the Post office. I am in search of something from philosophy, maybe because i miss it as indicated by my previous post just this morning. I settled in at the second shop for lower book prices and i made a reservation on some books to be picked up after i have finished writing this post.

And i have made choices:

Hopefully, some truth will come, somehow, somewhere, on my existential journey, in the light of life and death and feelings of despair.

Cheer up, myself.