On Being Invited at Film-Philosophy III Conference

... and not going...

The invitation came via Facebook (here). And to actually see such an invitation to an international conference on film is enchanting and, of course, acutely complimentary. Film-Philosophy is perhaps one of the best finds in the internet that interlaces both film and philosophy. I read many of their essays and I love them all. But an international event such as this one is impossible in my case. July 2010 is the second month for my last academic year in my Engineering degree program and perhaps the busiest month before Midterms. Coming to England is great if someone will fund me with everything, from accommodations to transportation to shopping. and more importantly, I don't have a passport. But i would dream to be in England and walking on the cobble stones of London. I would if I could. But no!

Anyways, a few more days before the holidays. Busy, busy, busy!