in the light of November...

I thought they stopped publishing film noir podcasts. Upon a quick look at their site around 1 PM today, Out of the Past, owners Clute and Edwards restarted their podcasts by August but have officially announced around September [here]. I am a big fan of their site and most of my content in my iPod are podcasts from their site. Out of the Past: Investigating Film Noir is a Film Noir site that publishes podcast reviewing many, many, many film noirs both classic and contemporary films that have continued the stylistic tradition of chiaroscuro, high-contrast images, low-key lighting and themes such as femme fatale, corrupted heroes typical of film noir from the 40s.

I am so delighted to have found, just now, Bande a Part (1967) a film noir from the French New Wave, a podcast from their site. if you love Godard and love Bande a Part, you must download this right here, right now [right click-Save link As] for Godard sake!

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The Blue Dahlia, shining!

Anyway, up at November, they have recently published two essential podcasts on The Blue Dahlia (George Marshall, 1946) download here and here.

Sometimes, podcasts are better than blogs, haha! Why? Isn't it true for Out of the Past?

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I love the Smith's!

ew iPod content


1) OOTP: Bande a Part (1967) [download here]
2) OOTP: The Blue Dahlia (1946) [download here]
3) Adrian Martin's Social Mise-en-scene: A New Idea of Film Analysis [download here]
4) Adrian Martin's Last Day Every Day: Figural Thinking in Auerbach, Kracauer, Benjamin and Some Others [download here]
5) Graeme Gilloch's Ad Lib: Reflections on Siegfried Kracauer and the Image of Improvisation [download here]
6) Andrew Benjamin's Denaturing Time [download here]
7) Daily Plastics' Interview: Rian Johnson on The Brothers Bloom [download here]
8) Daily Plastics' The Coen Brothers and Chantal Akerman [download here]
9) Daily Plastics' Late Summer Speed Round Up [download here]
10) AFI's Lust, Caution [download here]
11) AFI's Choke [download here]
12) AFI's Wall-E [download here]


1) INLAND EMPIRE's Polish Song
2) The Smith's There is a Light that Never Goes Out
3) Hall & Oates' You Make My Dreams Come True
4) Craig David's Insomnia