Up, up, up for Vacation!

...and everything goes with the bag...

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So here we are, facing another split in time and space. In a couple of hours, i will be traveling by bus through the great, big peninsula of Bicol to return home. In many ways, i feel feebly aware of my sight for Christmas. It's gonna be busy, but unlike other Christmases, this one will be filled mostly with strict DVD screenings all day long and essay writing all night long. I am beating my strict deadline for this season for the many, many, many more films, to watch and the many, many more write-ups to pen down. But no pressure!

I even asked my father if he could arrange a night on a beach resort with him and my mom just for relaxation and fun.

But let us look at my bag first:


I have been thinking about how many film book am I gonna bring for the two week Christmas Vacation? I listed some twenty something books composed of film scripts and Bordwell-inspired writings on films. I cannot think more of bringing 'em all, but this will compose 20-kgs in addition to my 40 kg package, which is crazy. So i shorten the list and the final five are:

(top to bottom): (1) Rules of the Game Script, (2) my journal (not a film book),
(3) Poetics of Cinema (2008) by Bordwell, (4) Research Paper Writing (not a film book),
(5) Film Art (always on my bag since last year), (6) Film Studies: Critical Approaches.

I have to let go of other good stuffs, i hate to mention them... Makes my eyes teary.

(2) Brokeback Mountain Screenplay!!!

I have it!

I love Mark for giving me a copy of this wonderful screenplay for Christmas. I don't have time for book hunting around Manila, but Mark always has. I think he got this up at SM Megamall about a month ago, I remembered him mentioning it on some of our talks. I love that I have it finally...

Thanks Mark!

Ciao guys! See you in 48 hours!