Abbas Kiarostami's Trees and Crows


a poem by Adrian Mendizabal

As it stands, half-naked
it burnt the kiln, soar.
Through the alleys, it moves,
Through the grass and trees.

This is the wind.
It is swift, mighty, bold.
Strong and corageous
And, softly, it unfolds
Under the skin.

For this is the skin that
Connects all things, and
In the fullness of the
Moon, breaks the shadows
Lurking in our feets.

For this is the foot that connects
Us, yours and mine, in one
Solitude of time, forever
In motion, up and down,
Step, as it steps beyond borders.

For this is a border, when one
Eye blinks, it shatters
Both the wind and feet of
Our friendship. And it marks
Us wherever we go.

For we went, we travel
In places, we go, we, you and I
Clustered both hands and feet
Towards the sea we go.

For the sea is there.
It is the heavy north sea,
A breaking dawn, the swift,
Moves in a daunting pace.

For there are paces,
Slow and fast, the ode of life
And you smile, peacefully
Your eyes are full of colors.

For there are colors in the
Wind, in the feet and in
The sand rocked by the sea.
And forever, it illuminates
From the sky.

For there is the sky. Infinite.
And the sea,
The foot of our lives,
Together, you and I,
And we remain at peace,
Lifting our voices, exclaiming:

---- December 18, 2009

A Merry Christmas to all of my friends and family.