AVATAR (2009) at SM North EDSA

... waiting for the 9PM viewing sked with my friend Paul at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf...

We have just made a masterpiece?

UPDATE as of Jan. 20, '10, an hour and a few minutes ago after Avatar (Cameron, 2009) --- A 100% fresh for me but I have encountered some problems on form (its themes and 'stereotypes') and style (3D filmmaking). I will talk about it maybe this week...

Some interesting links:

France24 - The Avatar Revolution [a video debate]
(Dr. David Sorfa of Film-Philosophy talks about it)

Stephanie Zacharek's intriguing critique
(cleared my headache from the eyestrain actually)

Martin Anderson's Avoid getting a 3D headache while watching Avatar

Jim Emerson's similar take on Headaches on watching Avatar

Ciao again!