BLACKSOUP | Performance Poetry Party

...poems for January the twentieth...

One word: William Friedkin stuff.

"Inny mini mini moe."

The menu for pasta says "You Won't be Single for Long"

"...As I say, tomorrow is a new beginning."

Damn! It's a cold Friday morning out here at Manila. The wind freakin' slices you into half.

But anyway, two days ago, a Wednesday of all days, amidst org meetings and invitations for John Torres's film Todo Todo Terros (2006) at the UPFI, I went to a Performance Poetry party with a friend of mine. So I went there, rode a trike to 154 Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village. Stopped in front of a restaurant complex, saw people building up at Blacksoup + Artspace.

Entered, and stood like a lamb.

The restaurant was itself unforgettable in a decorative sense. The clock hanged on the wall was reminiscent of postmodernism. See below:

The clock that I love.

The concept blends with the nature of people performing, and sometimes, as it was for Hilda who performed a rather staggering poem, people disappeared into thin air. A phenomenological occurrence, with meta-narratives here and there, performance poetry is highly dependent on subject positioning: oneself as media of art, much like acting. It allows the poet to become the poem, and poem to become the poet. The immediacy of the act is totally confined in a space and time, 'theatery' but not like theater. An individual act of freedom.

Maam Ginny Mata with her friend --- organizers.

Great, great stuff!