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Rohmer (1920 - 2010)

The medium for him is a continuous flow of images, of thoughts bathe in light, the whole of it from the grandeur of literature.



Eventually, after furnishing my old room at the province, I faced a number of books that have died literally in my closet. Of course, there were Saul Bellows who just laid on my closet untouched and some other Hemingways hanged from the roof of our house, and the infinite list of Dickens and his insurmountable books from the Victorian London whose bookface i could not recognized. I hate to admit that most of my Austens have just died in neglect of those full nine years that i have left it lodged somewhere under my bed. My room is, itself, a loom of destruction for literature. Rainy days brought not only water but flood. I'm sorry books... I'm very sorry...

But Melville's Dick is all that I have left.