LAV DIAZ goes to UP Film Institute this January

...and I am thinking I'm gonna quit school and camp inside the theater... for two days, that is.



Yes, two of Lav Diaz's magnum opus, Hermias (I don't know if its Book 1 or 2, but who cares?) which runs at around 9 hours, and Ebolusyong ng Isang Pamilyang Pilipino (1993-2005) 11 hours, will be shown at U.P. CineAdarna tomorrow, Wednesday, January 6 and on Thursday, January 7. The two New Year premiers of Lav's features will start at 1:00 PM and end around around I don't know. I have a class tomorrow until around 3 PM, and on Thursday until 4 PM but i would still go there. I WOULD REALLY STILL GO THERE! I WOULD! Yes, and I should.

Well, I think it's okay if i miss a little 3 hours of the two films. I don't think these films would be possible to make forty to sixty years ago without the economy of the digital revolution most of our 'contemplative' filmmakers enjoy today. When Hitchcock made Rope (1948), he was constrained by the 10-minute maximum shot length (940-ft of film stock). However, today, filmmakers can actually film to infinite time as with Sukoruv's one-shot film, A Russian Ark (2002), shot it a plan sequence using a digital camera.


From the persistence of vision, the schedule for LAV DIAZ Retrospective is:

Heremias (Unang Aklat: Ang Alamat Ng Prinsesang Bayawak)
January 6 at 1 pm
January 9 at 1 pm
Ebolusyon Ng Isang Pamilyang Pilipino
January 7 at 1 pm
January 11 at 1 pm

Walang Alaala Ang Mga Paru-paro (Butterflies Have No Memories)
January 13 at 4/7 pm

All screenings at Cine Adarna, Magsaysay and OsmeƱa Avenues, UP Diliman, Quezon City
Tel: 9818500 (UP Trunkline) local 4286, 4289; 9262722 (Telefax); 9263640; 9250286

Haha! Just put it my schedule for the Saturday (Jan 9) and Monday (Jan 11) screenings! Be there guys!


I suddenly found myself laughing at Nathan's post a few days ago, I quote from his:

"A mssg received from my friend 'txt critic' today.
Lincoln Plaza is the WORST! Half of my audience was literally snoring through "The White Ribbon" -- in unison! -- and one half-deaf woman bellowed an hour in, 'I THOUGHT THIS HAD TO DO WITH THE HOLOCAUST.'

I swear UWS seniors ruin more movies than anyone.
I wasn't there but I can attest to this phenomenon. You will always get a perturbed earful when you see a Haneke picture on the Upper West Side... "

Anyway, have you enjoyed you New Year's Day?

Ciao! See you at the cinemas tomorrow! Pakilala kayo ha!