"My Hero Film": Make your own film for the world

...laugh or be sad forevaaa...

A customized HD Film!

Dan, a friend of mine, urged me to watched a video over the internet, a beautiful short film he said. So I did with critical expectations. At the start of the film, I observed a unique style of rapid editing, mise-en-scene elements were reminiscent of an Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu film, global in scope and, of course, its language is Swedish. Sweden, for me, is Ingmar Bergman and Tomas Alfredson, two filmmakers who have made Sweden a central point for Slavic cinema studies. A contemporary short film from Sweden is a fresh venture, exciting and inviting. However, when the hero was revealed, all these expectations collapsed into a pulp and I started to laugh from its candidness. As happy as I was, I was thinking, hmmm... awesome! Quite unexpected! Though these embedding technique have been around for quite a while over the net, it has always been applied on picture forms but not usually on video.

It has been circulating on Facebook for a while now, Dan said over the phone after I called. After a few minutes of researching, I finally found the source of the video: FWA (Favorite Website Awards) (http://www.thefwa.com). It is an advertising site producing high quality flash and shockwave videos. Fascinating testimonials from the website (here) includes:
from Yahoo, "Favorite Website Awards - when it comes to flash style they have the newest in the new.";

from HOW DESIGN MAGAZINE, "Meet some designers who are doing it right at this site. You'll find links to the cream of the crop in Flash Design, interviews with the designers and the opportunity to submit yout own site for consideration.";

from Project Cool, "if you can find new Flash ideas here, you're a true expert."

Their videos uses contemporary techniques on professional filmmaking. Most of the videos assimilates the conditions of spectacle by infusing certain cinematographic techniques such as frontal close-up positioning (see video here) and asymetric framing with some mid-level computer generated images. All of their videos as shot using High definition camera.

Haha! Anyways, I enjoyed the video immensely... Great stuff!