...because i am a forked guy...

Nomura Jellyfish, biggest ever!

As you might observed, i haven't published a decent film critique for about three to four months now. I love to talk about my top 25 favorites of 2009, but today i realized that my world is forked. I am currently engaged in pursuing a dream, a dream that will manifest in a span of one to three years if i am very lucky. My dream is, for the love of God, a postgraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering abroad.

After attempting to extract an anti-microbial agent from a live jellyfish for a research project in high school, which never came into fruition, I realized that i am more of a research guy than an industry guy as one of my chemical engineering friend observed. I was awarded Outstanding Researcher of the Year for that. Before I entered college, i brought with me the finished 'research masterpiece' and four years later, i was haunted by the poor quality and the impossibility of it. One night, after reading a journal about nanorobots (forgive my geekiness!), i recall standing in front of a large crowd when I was six years old proclaiming to them that i will be a doctor someday, which i think will never happen. What i think will happen to me in five years will be a cross-breed research experience between the medical field and the engineering field.

I almost suddenly wanted to engaged in cancer research, drug development, and the characterization of the human brain.

I suddenly feel i want to give back. :-)

Human life.