What I'm Watching...

I got the new version in Blu-Ray a couple of days ago.

The DVD cover says: "What Godard movies were once like; fast, handheld, funny and very, very catchy." Hmmmm... I kinda feel the same way, the "Nouvelle Vague"Godard somehow reflects Wong Kar-Wai's style. I miiissss the old Godard, where is he now? Is Socialisme (2010) already done? Maybe he has been growing some white hair. A retro on Wong Kar-Wai during Finals week is the best way to keep me up from sleeping, because, this week, is a helluva non-sleeping, all-day everyday exam. T.T

Jacques Tati.

Playtime = Complex Mise-en-scene.

I have been watching some of Jacques Tati's comedies. Playtime (1967) is a gem. I have never seen quite like it. Everything is mise-en-scene, mise-en-scene, mise-en-scene. I think Andre Bazin would be very impress with this piece of art. He died 1958, nine years before Playtime was made.

Andre Bazin (1918 - 1958)
On Andrei Rublev (1966)

The Bell Casting - my favorite Scene from Andrei Rublev (1966)