Summer 2010!


My dearest Auditoire Readers (if your existence still persist), I have been on a journey from north to east, up and down the pantry like old mother goose I went, and for two weeks, I left my blog to focus my energy on volunteerism per se. We all call it "In the service of the Filipino Youth." I beg not for us to discuss the details of the recently concluded CAMP Tagaytay which I was part of, mainly, as the Accommodations Committee Head. Sometimes great memories are best kept in a diary than discussed over coffee or over this blog.

A little while ago, I indulged myself on prima-donna notebooks: Moleskine, Prat Paris, Stuart Houghton, TeNeues. They cost around P500 ($10) to P1000 ($20) and they often have a thicker and creamier paper than their usual local counterparts: Blue Feather and Corona. notebooks. I found out of whim that my tickler from December 2009 to early April this year was awfully full of notes and scribbles. I badly needed a new one to accommodate what i always say to myself: "half-baked thoughts are best written than forgotten." In the process of creating fiction, ones thoughts must be collected and organized in a notebook of noteworthy quality. I chose to indulge in a Stuart Houghton mini-journal notebook to collect and distill my thoughts about films, recently read articles, books and journals, scientific epiphanies, and most importantly, my summer plans:

Summer Plan 1: READ The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Last summer, I read Ulysses by James Joyce. I ought to read another epic story this time.
Summer Plan 2: Attend a History class

The only class I enlisted for summer at UP.

Summer Plan 3: Watch lotsa films...

No Avatar, please!

Given. Priority list will follow.

Summer Plan 4: Read Bordwell and Thompson religiously

For film education sake, I am not a dumb film blogger I assure you. I am not into that neo-neo-sh*t crap i heard over net. A dose of Poetics and Neoformalist essays will cure indignation and will save your ass from domineering academic film bloggers. Stay put guys, read your books now and then.

Summer Plan 5: Focus on CANNES 2010

circa 2008

A summer routine, can't wait. Who will win the prestigious Palme d'Or?


Summer Plan 6: GYM. GYM. GYM.

Killer body! (I had it and will have it!)

Mind you, I was a buff before, but my overgrown fat cells nowadays can tell me otherwise. Must jog and lift weight.

Enough of this!