Guess who's back!


"I just wanna know when I'm gonna be on television..." ----
from Requiem for a Dream (Aronofsky, 2000)

Of course, someone, somebody out there cares for me and is oddly curious about my strange disappearance for a couple weeks or so. As most of you might not know, I took a vacation and there is no need to explain so and so the details behind it because we all know "this is the internet" (in whisper). I might end up obsessing about my personal security "with all the spies, gossipers, and strange people" (in whisper) going around these days, i wouldn't risk such a thing as being followed in the middle of night in the middle of the campus in the middle of my jogging routine in the middle of my dream, i hope you are a bit understanding in this 'cause "people are crazy these days about celebrities. I guess you know I am a celebrity in the making." (in whisper) No! Don't ever think about adding me on FACEBOOK! My account is precious. I'll be damned if i see cinephiles on my 'Friend Requests list'. However, in terms of how good or bad my summer vacation was well i guess i can tell you that. How about that? We'll , my friends, I'd be damned its good! Damn good and many people are asking why, my closest friends asked me, my close friends asked me, the man on the streets asked me. I told them: "Bud, love has come my way." And they asked and asked and asked and asked. I won't talk, I promise.

I don't know why, but hey, this is it so i better keep it to me and for me and of course, for ___.

Well, that's all. Be back in a bleep. keyword: ONEIRIC.


And oh! There is a 15th French Film Festival going on for the month of June around Manila. Catch it while you can!

For wonderful reviews go to PERSISTENCE OF VISION blogsite if you don't want your head chopped off! Ajejeje!

By the way, I love Assayas' SUMMER HOURS (2008) [because it's summer!] and Techine's THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN (2009) [because everyone loves it]. Catch them while you can this week, reruns are until Sunday, June 13!

Ciao Ciao!


Catch up with this one programmed by Jojo de Vera.
Ciao ciao ciao!