Watch Yi Yi: A One and A Two (2000) ONLINE!


a one and a two...

If you like poetry of silence and asceticism, or if you luxuriate in the feeling of how a rock falls in a quiet flowing river, I bet you can absolutely take in Yi Yi: A One and A Two (2000) without a trace of aberration. The quietness and flowing images of Yi Yi permeates in one's senses, and it leaps into one's soul. Considered as one of the best films of the decade, it harbors all emotions, all ordinariness of life, and now you can watch it online!

Part 1 - Wedding of A-Di and Xiao Yen
Part 2 -
Grandma's stroke
Part 3 -
Yang-yang gets in trouble at School
Part 4 -
Family talks to Grandma
Part 5 -
Ting-Ting befriends neighbor Lily
Part 6 -
Ota and NJ's business dinner
Part 7 -
Min-Min decides to stay away
Part 8 -
Yang-Yang's photos discovered
Part 9 -
A-Di and Xiao Yen's child is born
Part 10 -
Mayhem at baby shower
Part 11 -
NJ leaves for Tokyo
Part 12 -
NJ meets Sherry; Ting-ting dates Fatty
Part 13 -
Ting-ting and Fatty's fallout
Part 14 - Ota's Magic
Part 15 - Yang - Yang jumps into the pool
Part 16 - Grandma dies
Part 17 - Finale: Yang yang speaks to Grandma

Enjoy guys!