UPFI Cine Adarna for September

...everyone is invited!

At last, a tribute to Alexis at UPFI! In a span of 12 hours, candles will be lit, letters will be read, and tears will be shed. At some point, in remembering him, we put things too simply in a categorical way: that this is him; that this is what he did to Philippine cinema; that this is what he contributed to FIPRESCI and so on; that his death was the turning point of the local film history similar to the death of Andre Bazin during the 1950s propelling the French New Wave. But before we methodically collect the pieces Alexis has left us and contain them into concepts, assumptions and prejudices, we have to resolve the missing pieces, the trail that led authorities to a dead end. If there can be anything more unsettling than an unresolved crime to each of us, to our families, to our nation, we wont be left restless in our sleeps crying out loud: JUSTICE! Justice for Alexis and Nika! Justice!