SLEEP and some other sweet things...


Most of you do not know that I am a graduating Chemical Engineering undergraduate student. Well, I am one of those sleep deprived university students in the campus and I tell you what, just this moment, i finally finished my second to the last semester in the University of the Philippine-Diliman. Three weeks of barely sleeping and keeping up with everything is highly stressful. So i need one right now.

Tomorrow, i'll be going home to my province to have a short vacation with my family. I deserved one i think. I miss those golden days, nothing to worry about, just you, just the wind that rattles the trees, just the ants the crawl in the backyard floor. Moments... Sigh!

As with the live blog notes on Jacques Tati's Playtime, i'll postpone it and schedule it early in the morning later, October 23, around 5AM. Sorry for that. I need rest guys, I think, we all need one