Bal (Honey, 2010)

...a short review

Rating: 5/5

A tremendous film whose parametric form will encourage film academicians to uncover the richness of the form and style of the trilogy. It revolves around a boy observing the world around him captured with poetic subservience to its main character. In terms of cinematography, it has the most piquant, most subtle, most painterly images ever captured in today's cinema. it is almost meditative it recalls the works of Abbas Kiarostami and Andrei Tarkovsky. Its sound design, where everything is diegetic, can be describe as crystalline it adds depth to its mise-en-scene. One could observe, after finishing the trilogy [Yumutra (2007), Sut (2008) and Bal (2010)], the rawness of style Semih Kaplanoglu is trying to achieve: each frame is well adjusted in terms of its elements and he does have a different way of putting a montage, mind you! Fans of contemplative cinema, don't end the year without watching this film!