Goodbye, L. Au Revoir!

On a cloudless night i left the party to see you. I got on a taxi and throttled towards Cubao. You were not there when I arrived. You said you'd be there, so i waited outside. It was cold, thank God I had a sweater. Fucking life. Wish I was broken into pieces waiting, so I roamed around the expo, but I don't think I can wait any longer so I sent you a text message, and you replied you were with a friend. And so you were, at 19B. I went there with excitement, and i entered to look at the paintings, they were wonderful, exquisite art. But I don't care, I want to see you. And I saw you with a friend of yours, a girl, thank God. We drop your friend on a jeepney and we went back. You drank two beers, you ate potato chips and dilis. I just wanted to see you, that's all. It was monday when we slept together, that was three years after I left you without a word and it all came back, that monday was happy, you cuddled me, i cuddled you, i made you happy, you kissed me. And i said to you I love you two times, with two kisses on your nape, you said your hair smelled like the sun and so I smelled it, and I don't know why you don't want me to go at 10AM. But i left and hope that one day that night would be again repeated, it was the happiest night of my life, but I know that time that it will end abruptly. And so it ended tonight, 5th of December, walking home, you said:

"Mag-aral ka muna. Huwag ka na magtext sa akin as in, forever. Mahihirapan kalang."

"What do you mean mahihirapan?"

"Alam mo na yun."

"Okay. Bye."
One week, like a shooting star: it shines brightly, but it ended like a flash of light.