FILM OF THE DAY: San Francisco (1968)

San Francisco (1965): The lady phantom of San Francisco.

Adrian here:

I better write something random for my readers, so I am enjoying my tea right now while writing this. Chris and I have been talking about films in general and the richness of the Third cinema, and how it can relate to the current resurgence of films in the Philippines. I somehow developed this digression on the recurring hypothesis that the Third Cinema is highly connected to the avant-garde movement. The avant-garde, fueled by artistic motivation and copious re-imagination of forms and patterns, is one of the most underrated forms of cinema in the world. Most of the films lack narrative drive and are often disorienting and surreal. The movement aims to restore the basic origins of cinema by establishing new perceptual relationships from its basic forms. Like in Anthony Stern's San Francisco, in a span of 15 minutes, we are visually immersed into the city of San Francisco. With quick paced editing and frantic images, it shows a San Francisco with pulse. A multi-colored, breathtaking display of events, it is paused at times to emphasize structures and figures traced by light.


Anthony Stern
15 min