Strangelove with films

"I like to practice what I preach. I'm not trying to say I'll have it all my way. I'm always willing to learn when you've got something to teach."

An introductory/first post has been way overdue.

It’s me, Chris, the new contributor to Adrian’s blog, Auditoire. Unfortunately to the people who were expecting lengthy film reviews and shot-by-shot analysis of certain films, I just thought I’d let you know I do mostly film viewing logs, either bi-weekly or whenever I feel like it. These film viewing logs would be just my brief thoughts (no more than three paragraphs) on each film I’ve watched starting this August, along with my personal ratings for each film. For shot-by-shot analysis and film reviews, you have Adrian for that.

I know, I know, film ratings are arbitrary and not enough to express one’s overall opinion on a film, but they can sometimes ignite discussions and arguments about the film. And, honestly, I usually rely on the personal ratings, of certain cinephiles I know online or personally whom I think have unquestionably great tastes in films, to decide which films to watch/check out next.

I’m really opinionated and can be too much of an asshole, when provoked, especially when questioning the validity of the statements and film criticisms of other people but I promised Adrian I’d play nice here. I’ll try not to start fights or arguments with other bloggers and commenters or give in to trolls’ provocations. I am not as well-articulated as Adrian, when expressing my opinion towards a film, an issue, etc. Neither am I well-read but I do the best I can in assessing a film’s quality. Unlike before, I’ve learned to become more fair and more reasonable in critiquing films and not to just like/dislike a film based on my emotional responses and my overall engagement with the films. I consider the film’s aesthetics, the filmmaker’s intention and vision, and my overall response to the film, in the conclusion I arrive at. The film’s technical elements and historical value are less important to me but I will sometimes refer to them, especially if they are inherently essential to the films’ point and purpose.

Well, I look forward to seeing more films and blogging about them here. And I hope you guys would go easy on me, hehe.