The Truth Now Above All Else


As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty (2000)

Cinema, at this point of my life, has never revealed itself as some piece of entertainment. Cinema has never entertained me fully. Should I be mad at this discovery? Nor that it showed itself as a political fad antagonizing forms, dividing categories instead of fusing them. Nor that it has shown itself an intellectual porridge one gets to eat when one feels inadequate or blunt. Cinema is something not to be thought upon, as some intellectuals put it so well; but it is something to be seen, something to be experienced, something to be remembered. Disappearing behind me are the prejudices, the politics, the intellectual profanities I had endured, all gone. All what is left are fragments, memories, feelings, the joy of seeing an image.

 "I am thinking about myself, I am thinking how during the years how I have covered myself with layers of civilizations. So many layers that now even myself I don't see how easily wounds are made deep inside... What do I know about this civilization, this life? I know nothing. I do not understand anything. And I know nothing... I do not know how I reached this point of my life. But I continue moving ahead. Slowly, moving ahead. And some glimpses of happiness and beauty come my way by chance. I do not even expect. So I keep moving ahead." - Jonas Mekas