EXCERPT OF THE DAY: Lawas Kan Pinabli (Christopher Gozum, 2011)

[Catch it at CINEMANILA IFF 2011 this Nov 11 to 17]

"A neophyte migrant Filipino worker from the Pangasinan province in the northern Philippines arrives at a bustling city in the Middle East searching for his missing wife who first came to the Arab country three years ago. While searching for his wife at the temporary homes, workplaces, and watering holes of fellow Filipino expatriates, he meets eight Filipino migrant workers who share their story of living and survival in a foreign land. Along the journey he meets another lonely foreign worker, a beautiful Malaysian woman

Combining fiction and documentary specifically interviews of eight Filipino migrant workers along with voice-over narration of various texts translated in the Pangasinan language - selected passages from the Holy Bible, selected poetry about exile, and selected lines from classical noh plays, the film creates an intimate portrait of the Filipino diaspora in the Middle East. The film’s title Lawas Kan Pinabli is based from a popular folk love song in the Pangasinan province with the same title." - Video