Film of the Day: Inhabitants [1970]; John Torres' Lukas Nino

Inhabitants (Artavazd Peleshian, 1970)



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A repost from John: 
Hi guys! I’m working on the DVD release of my Otros Trilogy shorts, and a boxed set of my three features: Todo Todo Teros, Years, and Ang Ninanais, as part of my effort to raise funds for my next film, tentatively titled, Lukas nino. 
Lukas nino got a Digital Production grant from the Hubert Bals Fund, but since part of the film will be shot on 35mm film, I need funds to cover film stock, processing, and transfer. 
Starting Thursday, March 1, you can pre-order signed copies of my DVDs and boxed sets, posters, tickets to the premiere of Lukas nino, and a book I'm releasing later this year. 
But by coming on Thursday, you are already helping out. 
LUKAS NINO: A fundraiser for John Torres' next film. 
Freedom Bar, Anonas Thursday, 
March 1, 730pm 
With guest performances by Itchyworms, Boldstar, Caliph8, Moki McFly, Discoball, Wilderness, The Strangeness.
Also screening 'Synthetic Substitution', a selection of short films curated by Merv Espina 
Gate: P100, comes with a free drink;